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August 22, 2011
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Ao No Exorcist mini-fanfiction

Sorry!! I swore I wouldn't but I did. Oh well, I haven't done anything major, just a scenario that
I came up with that's fairly plausible.
Anyway, enjoy.

"Blargh" exhaled Rin, leaning back on his chair. It was dark, around 10pm, the stars glittering outside the
dorm windows. The breeze was cool, spelling the gradual coming of the winter months. Books and papers lay
scattered across Rin's desk, ink splatters coating one from a broken pen that Rin had cracked in annoyance, the spillage only furthering his frustration. Next to him, Yukio appeared to
ignore Rin's disgruntlement, rather, he continued to read his textbook, the light glaring against his glasses and hiding his eyes from view. Both desks had their lamps on,
casting distorted shadows across the room as Rin leaned back forward, rubbing his forehead while his tail flicked in anger.
"I give up" he said, chucking his second pen lightly against the wall and leaning back again. Yukio, as usual, said nothing, though one might've sworn they saw a hint of a grin creep up on his lips.
Rin leaned back again, propping his feet against the desk, watching the stars outside with a thoughtful expression. "Hey, Yukio."
Yukio made a sound, a "hm", maybe, to show he was listening, so Rin continued.
"If you ever got Satan's power, you'd tell me, right?"
Yukio's eyebrow twitched slightly, and he put the book down, turning to face his brother. "What makes you ask that?"
"Eh. Just thinking I guess."
Yukio sighed and adjusted his glasses. "No."
Rin almost fell off his chair at this, the wooden feet slamming back down into the floor boards as he sat up straight, staring at him. "What?!" he shouted, his mouth agape, clearly displaying his abnormally long canines.
"No. If I manifested Satan's power, I would not tell you."
"Why the hell not?!" asked Rin, leaning toward him.
Yukio adjusted his glasses again, and looked out the window, thoughtful.
"Number one, I wouldn't want you doing reckless things just because there was someone else like you around."
"Hey! I wouldn't do something like that. Besides, if you had Satan's power you'd be imm-"
"Two" said Yukio, cutting Rin off before he clearly dug himself in a hole, "the Vatican has permitted your existence as Satan's son because they believe you may be our only hope to get the upper hand against demons. If there were two, one of us would be killed."
Rin's eyes widened, gripping the edge of the chair, his face suddenly both confused and curious, making him looking even younger than fifteen. "What? Why would-"
"One is a weapon, two would spell the destruction of us all. And the thing is that it could go either way. They might decide to keep you, the stronger one, and kill me as excess. Or, they could decide to keep the one who is already a trusted Exorcist and doesn't have your track record, and kill you. And then there is also the scenario that they consider that killing either of us would result in the other one wrecking havoc, and just kill the both of us to be safe."
"Oh man" murmured Rin, looking out the window. "I never thought of it like that."
"And three" said Yukio, smiling slightly. "You always said you were bad at keeping secrets. If I told you, you'd probably go and blurt it out in front of the class and we both know that wouldn't end well."
"I would not blurt it out in front of everyone" said Rin, pouting. "And even if I did the argument would be hilarious."
Yukio's eyes narrowed. "It would not be hilarious, Rin. At all."
"Oh come on" said Rin, grinning cheerfully and leaning on his chair again. "Imagine. Both of us standing at the front of the class, shouting at each other."
"Wreathed in blue flames?" added Yukio in a discontented voice.
"Yeah!" said Rin, nodding enthusiasticly, but becoming thoughtful again. "Well, it'd be hilarious to see all their faces."
Yukio thought of the faces of the class and suppressed a chuckle as they popped into his head with comical looks of horror that looked like something from a cartoon.
"I suppose. You could probably get the same effect by doing something else that's ridiculously stupid at the front of the class. You know, as per usual" he quipped.
Rin's face contorted angrily at this. "I DON'T DO STUPID THINGS AT THE FRONT OF THE CLASS!"
Yukio coughed, hiding his small smile, and went back to his book.
"If you're not going to finish that homework tonight you might as well go to bed" he said.
"You're not my mother" muttered Rin in an annoyed way, but he got up anyway, flicking off the switch of his lamp and shuffling into bed, rolling over to get comfortable.
"'Night" said Rin, his voice muffled by the blanket.
"Goodnight, brother" murmured Yukio, ignoring the heavy lump that sat on his heart as he tried to continue his book.
Description is in there, pretty much. I have come up with a billion scenarios in my head for the events in AoNoEx- the thing is that this one may or may not have happened. It's plausible that Rin might've wondered. I try to be vague enough to not go into too much detail as well as indicating when it might've happened (obviously, this is set after episode 17, and in my head it took place before the birthday party.)

Hope I got the characters right. Enjoy ^^
i never thought of that idea before and it sounds like it would be a good part of the episode!!! awesome job at writing out the scenario.
SorceressKyrsty Aug 27, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you! ^^
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